Founded in 1995, V1 Sports is the leader in video swing analysis software. The V1 Golf game improvement platform delivers golf instruction by connecting BG Academy and golfers to improve performance.

V1 is recognized as the pioneer in delivering seamless video lessons with integrated telestration and voiceover. V1 products capture, review and analyze swing video for the creation and sharing of golf lessons and instruction content. V1 Pro HD software is used by the most respected coaches, instructors, athletes and training facilities around the world.

The V1 Pro HD is a motion-analysis system that is arguably the top product in its field, used by golf coaches worldwide. The V1 Pro system records a real time video of your golf swing from down the line and face-on views. The video is then shown on multiple screens in studio for easy viewing for the student and can be played in full speed, slow motion, or at any rate we choose.  All lessons conducted with V1 Pro HD will be emailed to the student, so the student can watch the lesson to keep key takeaways fresh from the lesson and work on changes made in between sessions. At BG Academy we use the split screen in the software very often, which allows us to compare new video to old video and be able to tell what progress has been made.