What is PuttView?

PuttView is your visual toolbox for putting practice! The Augmented Reality System provides visual feedback on all important parameters of a putt (read, line, speed). In order to calculate a putt and display it, we scan your green and save a 3D model. The Coach controls the system through an interactive tablet app, and chooses from a large variety of visuals to support practice. Our clients are Beginners, Tour Players, Academies and Collegiate players. PuttView enables engaging putting practice for everyone in turn will lead you on the path to lower scores.

We work with the best putting coaches in the world and support their practice with the visuals they need for their students. During our work with them we have learned a lot about putting and how they use PuttView in practice. We would like to share their and our knowledge to show you what PuttView can do!

How to analyze your putts

PuttView projects the ideal ball path for a putt which provides you with distinct feedback on direction and speed.

  • Understand the visuals
  • Use the visuals for analysis

Improve your speed control

Different speeds will result in different ball paths which PuttView can project onto the green. Let’s test and practice your skill to control different speeds.

  • Practice speed control
  • Increase your variability

Optimize your visual cues

What you focus on can have a big impact on how you aim and how you manage the stroke direction for your putt. Learn how you can create your own setup to help you manage your start line.

  • DIY training setup
  • Find out what visual cues work best