What is the Putting Perfection Platform?

The Perfection Platform is the world’s first fully articulating indoor putting surface. The electronic actuators allows us to modify the tilt in the surface to recreate and practice breaking putts in the BG putting and fitting studio. Perfection Platforms are constructed of a lightweight aluminum for the best quality, truest roll, and maximum durability. Standard units begin at 14’ x 5.5’ and are the perfect size for teaching with SAM PuttLab, Quintic, and AimPoint Green Reading which are used at BG Academy.  To date, most indoor putting practice and training has been done on a flat surface. Yet you don’t face many flat putts on the course, so why would you limit your practice to that environment?  Well, we don’t have to anymore.
The Putting Perfection Platform allows us to practice like we play.  A session in the BG putting studio allows us to work on left to righters, right to lefters, uphill, and downhill putts.  Any combination can all be trained on the Putting Perfection Platform. Stop trying to perfect your stroke and start spending time learning to make more putts that you’d face on the greens in real world situations.

Applying stroke mechanics to real world situations will help players of all skill levels develop proper stroke movement on any putt faced in the real environment.  From recognizing breaking putts with AimPoint Green Reading to understanding how their stroke adapts on those different breaking putt situations, players will be able to experience the most complete putting training opportunity to become skillful in all areas to master the greens!

The PP is coupled with the latest technology to include, PuttView, Sam PuttLAB, Quintic, and multiple training aids to create an unforgettable experience that will lead to holing more putts.  The players tendencies causing issues on the green, whether left to right putts, right to left putts, speed issues, aim, or managing stroke direction will be answered quickly and efficiently in the BG academy putting studio.  Let’s start training the skills of Aim, Speed, Break Direction and start making putts like never before!

Studio Fee $175/Hourly