Force/pressure & balance data is a vital part of the BG Academy coaching to all ability levels of players in producing high level performance. Coach Bocking is a Boditrak Certified Professional and uses the Boditrak Vector, the company’s most cutting edge mat, that measures both horizontal and vertical force and the movement of your Center of Pressure (COP) during the swing.

We use BodiTrak pressure mats to help understand how players are using the ground and how we can help them use the ground more efficiently to produce power with consistency.  Using the Boditrak mat with the V1 Pro software adds an important dimension to us by allowing us to watch video and foot work in one swing.  The Boditrak, consisting of more than 400 high-resolution pressure sensors, provides detailed foot pressure data, accurate pressure distribution, real time center of pressure (CoP) and CoP patterns. All elements that cannot be determined by the human eye or even the best high-speed cameras available today. The balance plate data is perfectly synchronized with high-speed video images giving the golfer the ability to watch their swing and see how efficiently they are using the ground throughout the motion. 

The Boditrak helps us answer two very important questions in the golf swing: 

How does your COP move throughout your golf swing? 

When do those movements take place? 

The Boditrak can help correct set-up flaws, as well as inefficiencies and inconsistencies with the pivot and transition. Great ball strikers have certain checkpoints that are achieved during their golf swing in terms of pressure distribution. Using the Boditrak, we work to optimize your pressure movement, so that you can improve the power and consistency of your golf swing. This technology is available during all sessions and voiceover wrap up emailed to you for viewing on iphone, ipad, or computer!

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