Craig Bocking


Craig Bocking is an award-winning golf coach with more than 15 years experience. Coach Bocking has conducted over 15,000 in-person lessons over the years and is dedicated to helping all golfers reach their full potential regardless of skill level.  A native of Huntsville, AL, married his wife Rachel in 2005 and has a 13-year old daughter Anna Kate along with a welsh corgi named Heartley, which all are Coach Bocking’s biggest supporters! 

Director of Instruction

Ledges of Huntsville


Certifications & Affiliations

SAM PuttLab 3

Swing Catalyst 2

 K-Vest Level 3

 TrackMan 2

 TPI Golf Fitness Instructor

 TPI Junior Coach 3

TPI Golf Coach 3

BodiTrak Ground Mechanics

 BioSwing Dynamics

The Golfing Machine


 Flatstick Academy



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