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Craig Bocking is an award-winning golf coach with more than 20 years experience improving golf performance.

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Coach Bocking is a PGA Certified Golf Professional in Teaching and Coaching with advanced certifications in AimPoint Express, Titleist Performance Institute, Ground Mechanics, and Biomechanics to name a few.


Whether a beginner, aspiring junior, collegiate golfer or LPGA/PGA Tour player, his goal is for each individual golfer to maximize their potential and level of performance by world-class coaching. Coach Bocking has a unique ability to translate complex information about a player's golf swing and put it into simple, easy to digest information.  He emphasizes the individual’s unique set of skills by taking time to understand their goals, commitment level, and physiology so that he can provide a customized plan that will maximize the golfer's opportunity to play better golf.


 The end goal after each session is to have a great understanding of your golf swing, your tendencies, and a practice plan leading you down a path to lower scores.

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